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February in the garden

February is the month when the days start to get a little longer, and even though it is still winter, the signs of spring begin to emerge.  I like to think of February as the beginning of the spring half of winter.

Signs of spring can be seen everywhere, from the jolly daffodils and crocuses brightening up the garden to the first trees in bloom. There’s a definite sense of anticipation and excitement.

February 14th, Valentine’s day, is the day I choose to sow my first seeds of the year: lettuces, pea shoots, onions and a mixture of early brassicas. These will remain on a sunny windowsill until they go out in the garden next month.

In the garden itself, it’s all about getting everything ready and set up for the season ahead – much like the last rehearsal before the grand opening! I like to make sure all beds have been topped with compost. It’s also time to check the watering system and implement any changes.

I also try to finalise my plans for the year ahead – although I know they will probably be altered as the season progresses!